18 May 2021: The COVID-19 challenges for the Conference on the Future of Europe

The COVID-19 crisis has put the EU and its member states under enormous pressure, raising new challenges and exacerbating existing ones. While European governments still struggle with a host of health and economic issues, the Union is increasingly pushed to contemplate its future in a world defined by crises. How can the EU improve its ability to react to global changes and competition? What key reforms are necessary to make the Union more resilient and effective? Which old models, practices and institutions are on the line and what new ideas for European governance should be tested? How can the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe help the Union in this vital process of self-reflection and adaptation after the pandemic?

This Policy Dialogue discussed the main challenges facing the EU which the Conference on the Future of Europe should consider.

Policy Dialogue with Daniel Freud, Member of the European Parliament; Göran von Sydow, Director, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies; Janis Emmanouilidis, Director of Studies, European Policy Centre; Jolanta Szymańska, Head of the European Union Programme, Polish Institute of International Affairs, Nicoletta Pirozzi, Head of the EU politics and institutions programme, Instituto Affari Internazionali

Moderator: Corina Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre