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The Conference on the Future of Europe demonstrated that Citizens’ Panels can function as a working instrument of citizen participation in EU policy-making. The European Commission pushed the idea forward and organised the first European Citizens’ Panels on the topics of food waste, virtual worlds, and learning mobility between December 2022 and May 2023.
In this EPC Round-Up, experts and EPC analysts assess the outcomes of the Conference in their specific policy areas and explain how the EU could turn the citizens’ recommendations into concrete policy actions.
The Conference Observatory’s High-Level Advisory Group is pleased to present its first report: Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next?
The aspiration for the Conference on the Future of Europe is to be a stimulating new forum for open, inclusive and transparent debate with citizens. It is a pan-European democratic exercise, where citizens, politicians and representatives from civil society debate and develop ideas on the EU’s key priorities and challenges.