Invitation: European elections 2024 – What motivates young voters?

Wednesday, 05 June 2024

15:00 – 16:00 (CEST)

Christelle Savall
President, Young European Federalists

Giulia Romagnolo
Founder, StartNet Youth 

Oumaïma El Fakir
French Ambassador, #DiasporaVote & Operational Assistant, European Policy Centre

Milad Tabesch
Founder, Ruhrpott für Europa

Matteo Gorgoni
Programme Assistant, European Policy Centre

Jacki Davis
Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre (Moderator)

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The European elections in June 2024 is a milestone for European democracy. Young Europeans drove up the voter turnout in 2019, and the surge in youth participation is likely to be repeated in 2024. What are the key issues driving young Europeans to participate in the upcoming European elections? How do young EU citizens want to be involved in European democracy and decision-making and what are, from their perspective, the main obstacles to such involvement? What are the views of young people on the future of the EU, EU reform and citizen participation? 21 of young voters from 11 member states have answered reflected on these questions in a recent EPC publication “Youth Driven, Future focused: Young voices ahead of the EU Elections”. Their concerns, expectations and proposals for the new EU leadership and the future of European integration following the June EP vote will be presented and discussed by a few of the young contributors at this in the sixth edition of Democracy Reform Conversations.

This is the sixth online event of the EU Democracy Reform Observatory’s “Democracy Reform Conversations”. The Observatory is a joint initiative of Bertelsmann Stiftung, European Policy Centre, King Baudouin Foundation, and Stiftung Mercator, which fosters debate on modernising European democracy.