Conference Conversations 2 – The Process Behind the Conference

Based on questions posed by the audience during the inaugural edition of Conference Conversations, the second edition of this interactive online talk show discussed the underlying process behind the Conference.

What is the possible impact of the Conference on the Future of Europe? What questions about the democratic process in the EU will be raised? What role will citizens play in the process and to what extent will they be able to determine the final outcome? How can, and should, the EU system as a whole change after the Conference? And how can we unravel the complex interplay between the European Citizens’ Panels, the Conference Plenary and the multilingual digital platform?

Conference Conversations with Daniel Freund, Member of the European Parliament; Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Chair in International Affairs at the School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute; Dominik Hierlemann, Senior Expert, Bertelsmann Stiftung; Corina Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

Moderator: Jacki Davis, Meade Davis Communications