Conference Conversations 9 – Knocking on Brussels doors: Ideas, Information, Insights from the European Citizens’ Panels

In this special edition, we turn to the citizens themselves. Our panel of speakers is comprised of citizens ambassadors who have taken part in both the European Citizens’ Panels and the Conference Plenary sessions. How have they experienced the Conference so far? What do they think of the Conference as an example of participatory democracy, and would they want this to become a more common practice within EU politics? Do they believe their proposals will ultimately be acted upon by the institutions? What was their motivation for accepting to take part in the Conference and for volunteering to be citizen ambassadors? Do they believe the format of the Plenary sessions allowed for enough citizen intervention?

Conference Conversations (9) with Marina Zelenetska, Ambassador for Panel 1; Dorin Hell, Ambassador for Panel 3; Deirenne, Ambassador for Panel 3; Huub Verhoeven, Ambassador for Panel 4

Moderator: Jacki Davis, Meade Davis Communications