HLAG Report: “Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next?”

The Conference Observatory’s High-Level Advisory Group is pleased to present its first report: Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next?

As the Conference reaches its conclusion, the final phases of the process must – and can – tackle the important concerns building up in terms of buy-in, organisation and legitimacy. In this report, the HLAG reflects on the process so far, the upcoming phase of the Conference, and how to establish permanent elements of citizens’ participation into the EU’s institutional framework.

This report makes proposals to this effect by focusing on the following three elements:

Part 1: What worked? This section of the report evaluates the European Citizens’ Panels, pointing out the flaws that must be addressed to successfully conclude the final sessions of the Panels.

Part 2: What now? This section proposes must-dos for the final ‘hot’ phase of the Conference, when the European Citizens’ Panels deliberations, the results from the Multilingual Digital Platform and the input from national exercises converge in the Conference Plenary and Working Groups.

Part 3: What next? This section outlines potential options for the Union’s future participation toolbox on the basis that forms of deliberative exercises at the EU level are here to stay.