January 31, 2024

Overview of January 31, 2024

Future enlargement is a historic opportunity for the EU to reform, and not only institutionally. It is also a chance to become a genuine Union of citizens by involving citizens differently, far earlier and more effectively. Our newly published policy brief discusses concrete steps to achieve that.
The third edition of Democracy Conversations brought together eminent experts to discuss the biggest challenge currently on the EU agenda – the EU reform. The debate on the EU reform is evolving rapidly, and more and more concrete proposals shape it.
In the second edition of Democracy Conversations we turned to the question what is next for European democracy beyond elections. The European elections 2024, the major milestone and test for the European democracy, is fast approaching.
The first edition of Democracy Conversations, a series of interactive online events on topics most crucial for European democracy and its reform, launched the EU Democracy Observatory and discussed the EU's current standing in terms of citizen participation after the first generation of European Citizens Panels on food waste, learning mobility, and virtual worlds completed their work.
The Conference on the Future of Europe demonstrated that Citizens’ Panels can function as a working instrument of citizen participation in EU policy-making. The European Commission pushed the idea forward and organised the first European Citizens’ Panels on the topics of food waste, virtual worlds, and learning mobility between December 2022 and May 2023.
This edition of Conference Conversations followed the official close of the Conference on the Future of Europe on 9 May and the presentation of the final report to the presidents of the three main EU institutions. We brought together two key players to take stock of the Conference and discuss ...